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Deemed a ‘Long Life’ RV – But how?

Updated: Feb 27

Romotow's Monocoque construction claims to be 'Long Life' - What is it and why?

(image of Romotow during construction above)

Ever wondered how composite boats don’t leak at joints? It is because the joints are fully bonded together, effectively creating a single piece of material. The philosophy for the Romotow cabin is just the same, with the added bonus of a strong structural shape. This type of construction is known as monocoque, and the same way a modern aeroplane, or composite supercar is built. Unlike the conventional method of RV construction, bolting together separate panels, and covering the joint with a flashing a sealant. Romotow utilises cutting edge fully bonded composite monocoque construction in it's cabin, for the following compelling reasons:

1. Structural Strength: The Monocoque design serves a dual purpose as a skin and as structure, just like an eggshell. Resulting in a lightweight and structurally stiff behavior necessary for longevity and Romotow's unique operation.

2. Lightweight: The monocoque composite construction is very efficient, with carbon fibre engineered to provide strength where it's needed, it eliminates the need for heavy steel frames. This allows the Romotow to maximise it's size and minimise tow weight. 


3. Watertightness: In contrast to traditional RVs that rely on bolted panels and sealants that often break down, the Romotow's fully bonded outer skin system operates as a single shell ensuring a watertight interior. 


4. Elegance and Low Maintenance: With no joints prone to leaking, no rust from the composite structure, or sealants that need replacement, the Romotow looks great and ready to use when you need it.  

The Romotow stands as a testament to futuristic design, extending from its overall aesthetic to the innovative monocoque structure. Elevating key elements like structural integrity was an important consideration for our design team. Investing in a Romotow translates to an assurance of longevity, setting it apart from its counterparts in the market. We take pride in showcasing this facet of the Romotow and invite you to come see it for yourself! Talk to our team today. 

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