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Your Romotow can pay for itself!

Read on and we give 9 reasons why the Romotow T8+ is perfectly suited to Airbnb, why the unique nature of it makes it better than anything else to do that and how it can pay for itself in about 5 years, and then continue to provide you income on top of holding its value as an asset.

Romotow is a self contained vehicle like no other, the luxury finishes, timeless styling, internal layout and flow to the outside make it easy option as rental accomodation when you are not using it that can command top dollar as a high end getaway. These are the top reasons why:

  1. In the right location, Romotow can charge top dollar for overnight stays, the design will compliment and enhance even the most beautiful of locations, beach side, in a forest or mountain ski resort to name but a few.

  2. As a vehicle, it is exempt from planning consent (In New Zealand at least, check your local rules to confirm), cutting out the red tape, avoiding rates, and side stepping rules relating to multiple dwellings on a property.

  3. Romotow has a proven appeal, consistently viewers are amazed by the invention, impressed by the luxury, style and size, and can imagine themselves staying in it.

  4. Romotow can me moved from location to location to location, you might have it located in one place in summer and another in winter, located to achieve the highest return in peak season times.

  5. Romotow is easy to set up and pack away when not in use, keeping it protected, and making it easy to transition from rental to personal use.

  6. Romotow can be specified to work ‘off grid’ for extended periods of time, you can put it anywhere.

  7. Romotow’s high quality of construction, unique ability to garner high rental returns, and patent protected design means a healthy resale value if you want to sell.

  8. Romotow is a ‘plug and play’ rental property, not need to find furniture and appliances, it is all part of the offering, designed to suit and ready to go.

  9. The numbers stack up, Romotow, may have a relatively high price tag, but quality costs money, and is essential to be viable as a high end getaway. The calculation below shows how the purchase price can be recovered in about 5 years.

Calculation (based on NZ market, but likely to be similar elsewhere), quoted amounts include GST (tax)

  • Nightly accommodation rate for a luxury getaway in a special location $650/night

  • Average occupancy at 3 nights / week = $1950 / week ($101,400 / year)

  • Purchase price, Romotow T8+ Ultimate = $546,000

  • Payback time = $546,000 / $101,400 = 5.4 years

  • And don’t forget your Romotow will still be a valuable asset, continuing to earn you money

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1 Comment

Philippe Reynaud
Philippe Reynaud
Feb 16

Absolument GÉNIAL...Bravo Messieurs pour ce projet évolutif qui ouvre la voie à une nouvelle aire de nomadisme de loisir ou de projet de vie travail+famille...N-Z is GREAT..!!!

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